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Comapany Profile

INHAN tecnology LTD. is located in Shijiazhuang city, Hebei province.
Main Business :The company is the professional provider of dental health production and also the foumous dental medium named Dental Partner.Including the orthodontics care kit,dentures care kit,mouth care productions and so on . We have also developed multimedia dental education software ,especially the dental education with the patient.
History:Inhan tecnology inc. was established in 2005.The company's main products were patient dental education and oral internet media, including oral ,patient dental education book,photo,AD design,website. The company's main products were related fields. the brand to the leadership of the business development and transformation, and began to develop production and sales of oral health care products. the company's products of brands in the industry have higher visibility.
Product concept:Knowledge leads the oral health,professional products shape perfect smile.Not only to provide users with the high quality products and for related to intellectual education, with a view to improving the user level, have finally come to increase the level of oral health.
Enterprise spirit:Committed to improving the standard oral health is our goal. well, better is the product. full of vitality, enterprising innovating and perseverance, stick to it is our pursuit of spirit.